It says a lot about a song when it can take five different routes and still birth a layered, interesting EP – and Agoria’s new EP Up All Night does just that. The French DJ and producer has built his latest release around his track of the same name, enlisting two unique talents from the electronic music scene to add their own twists to the song.

The original kicks off with a sparky rhythm before introducing a delicate piano loop and gliding strings to offset the mix. Eagles & Butterflies pulls the track into a synth-heavy dimension, which reaches a fizzy peak mid-way through before bursting through into a dark yet surprisingly gentle space. Meanwhile Gerd Janson brings a new level of intensity to the track, playing with unrelenting techno beats and reverberating melodies in both of his edits to complete the line-up for the EP.

The release comes off Agoria’s own recently launched imprint, Sapiens, which looks promising given what we’ve been delivered off the back of one lone track. Plus, with such diverse releases planned for the label (from musicians to visual artists and sound designers), our attention is fully geared towards what’s to come from Agoria and his new project, Sapiens.

Download Up All Night EP here, out now on Sapiens. Feature image via