Anohni’s new track Drone Bomb Me doesn’t just come with any old ordinary music video. This one features none other than supermodel Naomi Campbell mouthing along to the words, directed by Kanye and Frank Ocean collaborator Nabil, and art direction by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. But then, it isn’t really any ordinary song. Anohni is known for incorporating the political world into her music (her last song 4 degrees a message against climate change) and as the title suggests, Drone Bomb Me certainly doesn’t shy away from associating itself with current events. Explaining to Radio 1, Anohni described that: “It’s a love song from the perspective of a girl in Afghanistan, say a nine-year-old girl whose family’s been killed by a drone bomb…She is kind of looking up at the sky, and she’s gotten herself to a place where she just wants to be killed by a drone bomb too’. An intense video to go along with the equally emotive track, we see Campbell crying and a group of dancers performing a particularly severe and and powerful routine in the desolate industrial surroundings. We just can’t get enough of Anohni’s deep and soothing vocal, which like her lyrics, is arguably unlike any other artist on the scene right now.

Drone Bomb Me will feature on Anohni’s upcoming album, Hopelessness, that is out May 6th. Watch the video here.