Relationships will forever be a thing of mystery, and it’s that which singer, songwriter and producer Azekel is using to his advantage. His latest release, ‘Linger’, hones in on the ambiguous nature of these bonds, which plays out through the many layers of his R&B tinged track.

The thud of the bass meets its match in Azekel’s heavenly voice, which floats high above as he ponders the make-up of relationships. “’Linger’ is a song where I wanted to express the qualities of a relationship that are often invisible to everyone but the two people involved… where there is a spiritual presence and otherworldly closeness between a couple that transcends just the physical,” explained the East Londoner. “Gospel music became an influence on the presentation of this song too, not in its musicality necessarily – but more in the way that it expresses faith in a way that is beyond the traditional.”

While the song dropped earlier this month, ‘Linger’ is now joined by a sensual new video, directed by Shaun James Grant. The director explained how the visual accompaniment explores “loss, love and vulnerability, not necessarily that of an intimate interaction but of relationships in all forms”. As the camera traces the human form, we’re given a close view into the intricacies of personal bonds in every sense of the term.

Produced, performed and sung entirely by Azekel himself, ‘Linger’ is the work of someone who can only be described as an ambitious man. The track comes off his new EP Raw, Vol. 2, completing his two-part EP series, set to arrive later this year. Finding inspiration in the people and the world around him, Azekel is using the EP as a platform for social commentary, as did two of his influences – Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield – which seemingly filters into Azekel’s very own style. A deserved compliment for a promising talent.

Watch ‘Linger’ below. Follow Azekel updates here. Photo by Rosaline Shahnavaz.