B.Traits is a revered name on the DJ scene, thanks to her residency with Radio 1 and her extensive rounds on the international club circuit. Yet she has been shining the spotlight back on her productions of late, particularly since launching her own imprint, in.toto, at the end of last year, along with its bold inaugural EP, Still Point.

Now, the Canadian-born artist is back with her sophomore EP on in.toto – and what a return it is. Guided by a crisp, relentless high hat and the twisted beat chopping the sound like a helicopter blade, ‘Breathe Out’ is a hard-hitting introduction to the two part EP. Meanwhile the title track, ‘Basic Scenario’, features her own vocal samples which are distorted and layered over a heavy, ticking kick and sporadic, echoing claps.

Once again, B.Traits has brought a fierce, gripping energy to in.toto, gearing us up for what will surely be a bright – or rather dark – future for the label.

Download Basic Scenario EP here, out now on in.toto.