Music is a tried-and-tested platform for self-exploration, something Canadian producer Benjamin Muñoz has capitalised upon in his new EP Fear and Its Variants following a “turbulent 2016.” Citing references from the UK club scene to Nina Simone, it’s hard to know what to expect. Yet as unsteady as his year might have been, everything miraculously falls into place at the hands of Muñoz as soon as you hit play.

Ethereal vocals and drowsy melodies are kicked into shape by the sharp, erratic beat, already displaying Muñoz’s mastery of balance in the title track alone. Meanwhile ‘Cerulean Mood’ melds gentle tones with electronic elements that resemble the tweets and rattles of the jungle. ‘In Coming Months’ still holds onto the head-spinning layers that precede it, but is joined by sporadic strings, each pluck darting in a different direction. Eventually, ‘The Way to Grow’ brings the air back into your lungs through its uplifting, jazz-infused dynamic – an intentionally disparate end to an EP that was “born out of reflections on our innate defences of fear, anxiety, depression, and how they shrink perspective down to just our own needs.”

Download Fear and Its Variants EP here, out now on Push & Run. Watch the video for ‘Fear and Its Variants’ below, by Andrew O’Connor.