Boiler Room is known for diffusing sets from the best artists, DJs and musicians in the world, but today saw them take a different route, instead encouraging political debate with a Black Lives Matter discussion. The panel was made up of influential figures across the music industry and beyond, including radio presenter and writer Sian Anderson, writer and activist Darcus Howe, and self-labelled “artivist” Ayishat Akanbi, among others.

The talk comes five years after the police shooting of Mark Duggan, making it a timely reminder of the ongoing injustices happening not just in the far flung parts of the world, but on our doorstep in the UK as well. Tackling everything from mainstream media and big name endorsements to how black Britishness differs from what’s happening Stateside, the conversation covered a wealth of aspects relating to BLM – some of which more obvious and some which apparently go amiss.

While Boiler Room also delved into politics with an EU referendum panel, this was the first BLM panel discussion, which will be mirrored with another event in New York revolving the current situation in the USA.

Watch the full stream of the panel below or via this link.