The perennial masters of the summer house tune, Bondax have done it again with their latest drop ‘Love Me Blind’, featuring Erik Hassle. The track cropped up earlier this week, and already it’s done a fine job of encapsulating those blissful sunny vibes we all crave, come rain or shine.

The layers come in thick and fast, set down with the jazzy piano loops that dart around like a pinball. Meanwhile the bass keeps chugging along behind a clean cut beat, while Hassle delivers vocals over the top. “You’re gonna love me blind / I know it’s just for one night,” he chants, before floating into dreamy vocal melodies.

This isn’t the first time that George Townsend and Adam Kaye – the duo behind Bondax – have worked with Erik Hassle. The Swedish singer-songwriter sang on steamy number ‘Temptation’ last year, which channels a decidedly moodier, atmospheric feel, but is equally as infectious as the rest of the Bondax back catalogue. Speaking of which, the pair have gone one better and gifted us with a brand new mixtape alongside the new track. Landing yesterday, Through The Fields provides good energy in swathes, with everyone from Miles Davis to Kaytranada on the list.

If these guys know one thing, it’s how to come up with music that will have you grinning and bobbing your head without you even realising it. Look no further than ‘Love Me Blind’ for proof.

Listen to ‘Love Me Blind’ ft. Erik Hassle below. Feature image via