Brooke Candy is back and is as fearless as ever. The rapper and singer has just dropped new track Happy Days along with an unashamedly excessive video – and that’s exactly the point. With it, Brooke tackles that unsolvable question of how to achieve ‘happy days’, and her particular angle is her own challenges as a modern day musician in the limelight.

With sincere lyrics and a catchy hook, Happy Days is powerful enough as a standalone song, but the video backs up everything it’s about – and then some. Going from a sugary state of innocence in one shot, to a bling-wearing, glitter-lipped princess with a mischievous smile in the next, the video illustrates the transformation that all too often comes with the celebrity package. Styled by Nicola Formichetti – the master of all things OTT – and directed by Brooke’s past collaborator Renata Raksha, the visuals are the perfect accompaniment to a song dealing with excess, drama and the maddening reality of celebrity.

“Whether that be emotional, physical, spiritual, relational – transformations and change are what define life. We’re all looking for different ways to achieve ‘happy days’ or some sense of fulfillment or satisfaction and this song addresses that struggle.” – Brooke Candy

Happy Days is an early sign of what’s to come from the California-based singer. Taking a slight diversion from her earlier, rap-saturated work, Brooke is focusing on singing for her upcoming album, which has been executively-produced by Sia and will be built around a more universal, accessible sound. But crucially, as is quite clear here, she hasn’t lost any of her attitude, power or upfront approach.

Happy Days is available to download here.