You need only check out ‘When You’re Lonely’ to see that Cash + David follow their concepts through to the last detail. The track is the latest from London-based production duo, and comes off their new EP Side I – the first of two, with Side II following later this year.

‘When You’re Lonely’ opens with a thumping drum beat and a subtle ‘wop wop wop’, the gentle version of the skewed sound that’s normally at home in dubstep, yet which finds a welcome refuge in Cash + David’s arms. It’s hard to categorise – is it pop? R&B? Dance? – but that’s exactly why it works. They’ve encompassed a smattering of sounds and united them to make one uniform blend, from the dance undertones to the pitter-patter of background production which splatters like rain on a rooftop. The waves of sound echo throughout the track in all their layered glory, all topped off with rich vocals that ring around on catchy hooks.

Luckily for us, this isn’t just a quality song – with it comes a beautifully shot video, too. Filmed in California’s Death Valley, our two conflicting protagonists find themselves at opposite ends of the baron landscape on a mission to reunite. Citing influences from Pythagoras’s table of opposites to Virginia Woolf’s A Room Of One’s Own, video directors Sleepy Puppies certainly did their homework for the track. The aesthetic is as refined as Cash + David’s clean sound, the hazy, sun-drenched lighting working with the simple, no-fuss shots to create some seriously elegant visuals.

Yet while this style of clean-cut music runs through the entirety of Side I, don’t expect the same from Side II. The latter is set to explore the darker side of Cash + David, covering all bases between the two EPs. It’s an ambitious project, yet if anyone’s going to do the job properly, it’s them.

Watch the video for ‘When You’re Lonely’ below. Download Side I EP here, out now on Columbia Records.