The end of summer is in sight, which means we’re doing everything in our power to clamber onto anything that sounds remotely uplifting. Apparently New York two-piece Cool Company got the memo just in time, as their latest release ‘Slice of Paradise’ offers up sweet sunshine by the bucket load.

Vocalist Yannick Hughes and producer Matt Fishman formed the duo back in 2012, and in that time the guys have carved out their own sound while effortlessly hopping between genres, doing funk as well as they do R&B. This year has proved a productive one, with some addictive singles already under their belt. ‘Why You Gotta Make Me Do It’ is a synthy, jumpy number that keeps its cool thanks to otherwise refined production and Yan’s smooth vocals, while ‘Call You Back’ riffs off funky 80s vibes.

Meanwhile ‘Slice of Paradise’ sees the pair delve into a more soulful sound. The song is the perfect lights-down-low tune (or “certified sex song” as they put it) thanks to its slow, crisp drumbeat and melodic layers of keys, brass and bass. The introduction of choral vocals and strings channels that all-important ‘paradise’ quality, gilding beneath Yan’s smooth voice (making his nickname of ‘Cool Yan’ a worthy one) – but it doesn’t end there. Cool Company throw listeners an extra slice of paradise in the final third of the song, which takes a different turn towards a slinky jazz sound before tailing off into the metaphorical sunset.

With an eclectic back catalogue – which suggests a truly varied upcoming EP, due for release in September – and such a smooth latest addition in the form of ‘Slice of Paradise’, this duo is proving to be very cool company indeed.

Listen to ‘Slice of Paradise’ below. Keep up to date with Cool Company here.