Hanni El Khatib is a name many won’t of heard of yet, but it’s one that will stay on your mind after listening to new number ‘This I Know’. Opening with kooky, clunky keys, Hanni El Khatib instantly throws us into his unique world, before cementing it with rich choral vocals. In fact, the production on ‘This I Know’ is perfectly honed despite its quirky, naive air at first listen. El Khatib’s voice crackles just the right amount, while the organ instrumental and hints of brass give a subtle nod to yesteryear without becoming clichéd.

The track is comes as part of a two-fold gift from El Khatib, which also includes a short film documenting his antics in Paris, his second home outside LA. It was in Paris that, during the 2015 attacks, one of his shows got cancelled and as a result spent the time working on his music, which spawned new sounds, new ideas, and a new state of mind. While we can expect the unexpected with Hanni El Khatib, a track like ‘This I Know’ bodes well for his forthcoming album, Savage Times, due out on February 17th on Innovative Leisure.

Listen to and buy ‘This I Know’ here.