If you think their name is offbeat, then have a listen to Electric Wire Hustle’s latest track, ‘Go Slow’. The New Zealand electro-soul group, headed by Mara TK, has landed on a complex sound that lies somewhere between distant melancholy and fiery passion, a difficult but effective balance to strike.

A chaotic tangle of synth opens ‘Go Slow’, before a loose beat and eerie, downcast melodies trickle through. The chorus doesn’t burst like many, rather it comes as a steady progression, a sound reflection of the song’s title. “I’m too near / I’m too far / I’m too here / I’m not where you are,” Mara TK breathes, the song’s paradoxical mood becoming ever clearer. The production is stark and refined, a fitting match for the pure, poignant vocals, which echo as though bouncing off the walls of a cave.

Inspired by a studio session in Harlem with Just Blaze, and put together with contributions from New Zealand’s own, James Duncan, the track is a melting pot of influences and moods. ‘Go Slow’ comes off the group’s upcoming album, The 11th Sky, due out on September 30th, which has the potential to truly stand out from the crowd should it live up to its description of ‘David Lynch meets Motown’.

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