Eminent rapper Nas is the executive producer for a new teen skate drama, set to grace our screens this year. The first feature scripted by Steven Caple Jr, it received rave reviews at the Sundance premier back in January of this summer, and will feature a hot new soundtrack with some of the industry’s finest, including Machine Gun Kelly, Kanye West, Pusha T, Jeremih, French Montana and Nosaj Thing. Ms Erykah Badu will also make an exciting on screen appearance, as well as contributing to the soundtrack along with Nas.

Set in Cleveland, Ohio, the film’s plot follows four skater friends who find themselves unwillingly spiraling into a world of drug-slinging and chaos, as they continually look for ways to escape from poverty. It’s said to be a eye-opening and inspiring insight in to the hip-hop/skater subculture, and from the looks of its cast, to its script, to its production, to its score, this one is sure to be an honest and uplifting film of quality caliber.

Watch the trailer below.