Growing up is a personal, often difficult experience, but Bristol hip hop artist ThisisDA has turned coming of age into a source of inspiration. The 21-year-old has just released his latest record, 21 & Done, which glides across genres to explore the complexities associated with that tricky period between childhood and adulthood.

The atmospheric opening of ‘Over’ paints a dreamy soundscape which contrasts with the hard hitting lyrics that follow, a strong starting point for the 8 track record. Next comes an immediate switch in sound in ‘There for One’, which plays with jazzy riffs as ThisisDA slows the pace. Playing with similarly bright melodies is ‘Conflict of Interest’, which uses piano runs and positive lyrics – “I was on my way down / But I found my way out” – to show that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile ‘Kudos’ and ‘The Sufferbus’ both channel eerier sounds, the former especially poignant on the EP as ThisisDA deals directly with becoming 21.

Mastered by Jouko Lavonen, 21 & Done is an ambitious EP packed with the real anecdotes and smooth bars that have seen ThisisDA achieve so much by 21 – here’s hoping it’s not music he’s done with.

Listen to 21 & Done below. Keep up to date with ThisisDA here.