It takes a delicate touch to be able to move you from heady highs to moody lows in the way that Sekuoia does. The Danish producer has just released his new album flac, out today via the Parisian hotbed, Nowadays. The album is diverse mix of experimental, atmospheric electronic music spread over ten tracks, which leaves a lasting effect without you even realising it.

The album got its introduction with the dusky, club-driven track ‘Someone’s Problems’ when it was released several months ago, soon followed by the haunting, refined sound of ‘Lamp in the Dark’ featuring vocalist Kill J. ‘Brace’ was the last single to come out ahead of the album release, a smooth number that lends itself to Marc Roland’s rich voice. The song was joined by a Faraz Shariat-directed music video which came out last week, a hazy, rose-tinted visual that strikes a bold contrast with the electronic flavours of the track itself.

It seems like there’s a setting for each song on flac: ‘Rek’ is the type of track that could accompany a late night drive through the city, one that leads you to a dusky club where ‘Aer’ would be played. In fact, the more you delve into flac, the more it reveals itself to be something of a journey carefully constructed by Sekuoia, real name Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen. ‘Honestly’ whisks you away to the ocean by way of the looped echoes and distant vocal touches, both fit for the underwater world. Meanwhile the pitter-patter of the production in ‘Beau’ is somehow reminiscent of rainforest sounds, before really taking you on a journey back in time with its 80s stylings.

Very few words are uttered throughout the entirety of flac, save for ‘Brace’ and ‘Lamp in the Dark’. Yet listening to Sekuoia’s delectable sound, it’s clear that sometimes in life, you don’t need many words to say something spectacular.

Download flac here, out now on Nowadays. Feature image by Stephanie Staal.