Art is one thing that many of us struggle to understand, but with Fabrikate’s latest single, we’re shown just how bewilderingly addictive it can be. The Montreal duo has just released the video for ‘Atari’, a song which takes retro stylings and elevates them to quality levels worth listening to. With wavy melodies, scattered synth and a one-two punch courtesy of the beat and bass, ‘Atari’ takes us through the quirky elements of throwback electro-pop.

The music isn’t the only thing about ‘Atari’ which stands out. True to their identity-shielding principles, Fabrikate has decided to steer the attention away from themselves, instead giving their unusual artistic streak the limelight. The video for ‘Atari’ follows the journey of an art gallery janitor, who succumbs to the allure of one particularly mysterious installation. After the lights go out and he retreats to his comparatively gloomy dwelling, he finds himself unable to think of anything other than the big box with the blue legs. The cutting drumbeat provides the perfect punctuation for the comparison shots between our humble janitor and the polished gallery visitors, the appeal of this latter becoming too much to handle.

The track comes off Fabrikate’s brand spanking new album, BODIES, the first full-length LP from the pair. Over 10 singles, they extend the electronic-focused, genre-skewing sounds channelled in Atari, making for a debut album that prods at your brain as much as the ‘Atari’ music video.

Download BODIES by Fabrikate here, out now on Kookoo Records.