Little is known about Jadu Heart so far. What we do know is that the duo is comprised of Dina and Faro, and they make damn good music. Now signed to Mura Masa’s label Anchor Point after a chance meeting with him and fellow producer Bonzai in Peckham, the duo slides effortlessly into the low key, electronic-infused universe inhabited by its label co-signees.

Jadu Heart released their debut EP Wanderflower earlier this year, yet the two-piece was really blown into our consciousness when Annie Mac premiered ‘Ocra’ this week. The track comes off their second EP, Ezra’s Garden, serving as the ideal introduction to the record and, incidentally, Jadu Heart’s complex world. “You know I wanna feel lost again,” coos a dreamy voice in the distance of ‘Ocra’, whirling over trippy effects, sky-high looped melodies and a web of beats.

‘Galaxy Surfing’ is no doubt the steamiest song on the EP, with both halves of the duo offering vocals that ooze passion over R&B stylings. ‘Late Night’ sees them move into a smooth indie-electronic sound, while ‘Memory Rock’ brings the focus back to distant vocals and cool, crisp production. Closing the EP comes ‘Moon Rising’, a truly stunning composition that harnesses grating, harsh effects and muffles them into something soft and delicate overall.

The sporadic blips of synth and funk-driven guitar riffs that trickle throughout the EP sit Jadu Heart somewhere on the Jai Paul spectrum, but these characteristics are slurred and manipulated into a sound that Jadu Heart can truly call their own. The duo took to the French countryside to record the EP, and transformed what they were surrounded by into music. Not only did they sample sounds directly from the great outdoors, but they also used the naturally occurring reverbs from a bathroom to add a different dimension to the vocals. The complexity of their music travels deep, supported by their spacey website design and the obscure, Georgie Brinkmann-directed music video for ‘Late Night’. The EP artwork, website, and video were all made in close collaboration with creative director Jack Headford, with more videos due to follow next week.

Keeping things within the label family, Jadu Heart are supporting Mura Masa and Bonzai on a European tour throughout September, after their own headline show at the Bermondsey Social Club on September 19th. With an EP as rich as this and an entire concept to support it, we’re more than happy to get lost in Ezra’s Garden and, in turn, Jadu Heart’s world.

Download Ezra’s Garden EP here. Buy Jadu Heart tour tickets here.