No doubt if you heard Fatima Yamaha’s ‘What’s a girl to do?’  you struggled to get it out of your head for a good few weeks following. The 2004 instrumental electronic song is one that has slowly resurfaced in the past few years around prestigious DJ circles, leading to it being reissued by the Dekmantel label. Not long after its initial release in 2004, Yamaha (really Dutch producer Bas Bron) stepped away from the music scene, but at the end of last year returned with debut album Imaginary Lines.

One of the album’s leading tracks, Love Invaders, has now got its long awaited video: a 70’s-esque, bold and colourful affair to match the funk-house vibes emitting the single. An upbeat, happy go lucky track that’s difficult to resist a dance to,  Yamaha has well and truly proven he’s still got it. Put this on at your next pre-drinks and I guarantee you’ll impress.