Understated but by no means underwhelming, Leeds-based producer Favela is championing subtlety in his debut EP English Letters. The record was written during his final year at university, offering a “snapshot” of his life at the time.

The title track is built around echoing vocals and piano, which play over the gentle throb of the beat. ‘Your Hand On Mine’ follows in all its haunting beauty, the simplicity of the chords providing the perfect foundation for Favela’s angelic voice: “I want more of this / I blinker my own two eyes / Just for that faintest glimpse / Of your hand on mine”. The tempo picks up again slightly in ‘Nevermore My Temples Leave’, adorned this time with flecks of guitar and enhanced percussive elements. ‘Worship’ closes the EP with the three-way marriage that has proved so effective thus far: delicate falsetto, refined chord patterns and the eventual backbone offered by the drumbeat.

At once tender, calm and emotive, English Letters is a lesson in the power of delicateness.

Download English Letters EP here, out now.