Following the premiere of single Figure 8 last week, FKA Twigs has presented us with a visual representation of the single and three other songs from the upcoming album, in an audio/visual EP entitled M3LL155XThe 16 minute long film begins with Figure 8 and moves on to two brand new tracks, I’m Your Doll and In Time, finally ending with Glass and Patron, merging in the official video for which we have already seen. The first three tracks however each have their own visual story to be told, that all flow from one to the other coherently and eventually into G&P, almost as a sort of prelude to the award winning video. 

The film begins with Michèle Lamy holding centre stage as a dark, witch like figure mouthing along to Figure 8, illuminated by a small light bulb adorned to her headpiece, that eventually is swallowed and reborn to emerge Twigs. I’m Your Doll goes on to see Twigs become a literal sex doll figure in a disturbing bedroom scene, followed by In Time as she awakens on a bed heavily pregnant, later giving birth to multicoloured streams of paint and fabric which begins G&P. The film is a brilliantly creative and fascinating piece that is as artistically executed as you would expect from Twigs, of course featuring plenty of her signature dance sequences and ‘voguing’. The actual EP features a fifth song not included in the video project, Mothercreep, which we expect to be just as captivating as the tracks presented to us in the film. Twigs continues to prove herself as one of the most innovative and original artists around right now, so make sure you watch the film below and see what you think for yourselves: