The way in which Frank Ocean chose to release his latest masterpiece couldn’t have been any more Frank Ocean:

Huge expectation: the album was definitely long-awaited, teased with singles dropped here and there, such as Memrise back in 2014. Super star contributors: the album features artists, including the likes of Beyonce, Andre 3000, Kanye, and James Blake. Total swag at the moment of the actual release: ‘Fuck, sorry..I took a nap, but it’s playing on Apple Radio RN’, posted on Ocean’s Tumblr a few hours after Blond – the new album’s title – was announced and released on Apple Music stream.

A bit sloppy, seemingly careless (but still genius), Frank Ocean came back with a lot more than a series of sonically rich, beautifully written tracks. In fact, along with the album, Ocean produced a 360-page magazine called Boys Don’t Cry, which was given away with a copy of Blond in four cities around the world: LA, NY, London, and Chicago.

Boys Don’t Cry – which features artists such as Kanye, Lil B, and Tom Sachs – is the ultimate portrayal of Ocean’s deep desire of expressing himself and communicating with his audience through multiple mediums, but also as a way of experimenting his art and brake boundaries.

Most of all, Blond represents the ultimate attempt of Ocean’s to translate his own eccentricity into something timeless: and he did it.