Ghostpoet is a name you ought to know by now, if not for his genuinely unique sound then for the critical acclaim he consistently garners with each release. His debut album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam came in 2011, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize. But more than that, the album’s title itself foreshadowed the direction that this British artist was going to move in – one of emotional confrontation.

Yet his debut wouldn’t be Ghostpoet’s only brush with the Mercury Awards. His third album Shedding Skin, released this March, was shortlisted once again, showing testament to both the quality of his music as well as his longevity. With a greater emphasis on the backing band, his latest album seems to delve into a somewhat different sound than his initial musical offerings. However Ghostpoet – real name Obaro Ejimiwe – still retains that truly individual style of his, and we get another 10 tracks’ worth of his striking vocals that straddle a blurry territory between singing and spoken word.

Keeping the ball rolling, Ghostpoet has just unveiled the new video for ‘Be Right Back, Moving House’, the album’s third track, which initially seems dismal but actually evolves into a reassuring tale of commitment and acceptance. The video follows your everyday Suit, who appears to be experiencing an existential crisis as a seemingly metaphorical building towers over him.

“The video is about every person’s struggle to achieve what they want, being trapped in the machine and the boredom of never ending routine”, said SBlood, who directed the film. “The track and the idea were a perfect fit, lyrically giving me an image of a man climbing an endless set of stairs, one step at a time. The idea was to create a dream-like sense to the video, influenced by the art of MC Escher and Japanese Anime artist Satoshi Kon”.

As the words “one day at a time” fall into this cyclical chant, the song becomes a sanctuary for anyone listening. For every daunting moment, just know that we’re all working it out as we go along – you, me, and Ghostpoet alike.

Watch the video below. Download ‘Shedding Skin’ here.