Grimes has just released a spacey new video for her remixed song ‘Venus Fly’, one of the tracks from her 2015-released album Art Angels. The self-directed video features Grimes, alongside singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe, wearing half cyber, half goth influenced costumes, as well as fire-lit swords, black wings and a pure sense of destruction.

Grimes stated on Instagram: “Sometimes it feels futile to be making art in this cruel and extreme political climate, but some of the brightest moments of the last few months for me and for a lot of you, I suspect, have come from seeing Janelle Monáe’s amazing and positive vision of the future, especially when we are being introduced to so many possible dystopian futures”.

“Thanks … for giving so much time, energy and creativity to this project,” she continues. “As a director editor, creative director I also feel like is my strongest work.”

In addition to the video, Grimes put up a ‘Deep Vibes’ playlist, featuring artists, such as Fifth Harmony, Lana Del Rey and Deftones, which can be found on her TIDAL page.