Stevie and Alan Jukes are the sibling duo behind recently formed rock band Saint PHNX. Originating from of Scotland, the brothers grew up making music together, playing in various bands since their early teens. Forming Saint PHNX has allowed them to produce and write their own personal style of music. We chat with Stevie to find out more about the dynamics of their relationship, the inspiration behind their debut track ’Reload’ and their interests outside of music.

How long have you and your brother been making music together?

Saint PHNX is quite a new project that started at the beginning of January, but in terms of making music with my brother, we’ve been doing it since we were kids. We’ve always been in bands together, so we’ve been making music for a long time.

What was the initial starting point for Saint PHNX?

We were in a band for a couple of years, travelling up and down the UK and performing at festivals. We wanted to try something different and started songwriting. Then Alan put drums on it and we just had a feeling that this was going to be something special.

Do you think being born and raised in Glasgow has any influence on your music?

Absolutely, Glasgow is a working class city, like Manchester and Liverpool – places like that. I think it’s ingrained in our music. A lot of our lyrics are for the masses and about working for what you want to achieve, striving for the best – it’s very much people originated music.

What musicians inspire you the most?

I like lots of different music, it’s quite varied. On a sound level I like Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, X Ambassadors. Then there are hip hop artists like Dr.Dre, Chance The Rapper, Kanye West – so it’s all very different and varied.

How would you describe your working relationship as brothers and band mates?

It’s very cut throat and very honest. It’s got its ups and downs, because you can tell each other straight if something doesn’t sound good, or if you don’t like something. It’s a lot more real and very personal, which I think translates through the music.

Do you think fans can relate to your music more knowing it’s coming from a personal place and because you are brothers?

Yes, definitely. I think people connect with that and the story of being brothers, you know being family – I think there’s something special to that. Through the years you’ve seen bands like  Kings of Leon or Oasis, where they have brothers and family involved, I think it adds another layer and it’s a more personal element that fans can relate to.

What was the inspiration behind your debut single ‘Reload’?

The inspiration behind that song was war. I woke up one morning and put the news on and there was another war, it just seemed like mankind never seems to learn from mistakes and there always seems to be a war, it’s just reload, reload, reload and no mistakes being learnt.

What would you like to bring to the music industry?

Just some of the stuff we mentioned before. Something real, something honest, something positive. You know that’s what we’re trying to bring and that’s what we do.

What are your interests outside of music?

Football and boxing – we watch a lot of UFC and boxing. That’s pretty much it, music and sport, that’s what we do.

Where would you like to see Saint PHNX in the next year or so?

I think next year, the main thing is to make this something we do for a living, to be our everyday jobs. And hopefully to become one of the biggest bands in the world.

What advice would you give for up and coming bands?

Just write a chorus, that’s the first part. I was watching a Noel Gallagher interview and he was saying how all these bands have attitude, swag and all this stuff but they can’t write a chorus. That is one thing I take on board, the songwriting is something everyone can take back. So that’s definitely number one. Then just keep trying and aspiring to be as big as you can be and don’t take any shit of anyone – just keep going until you get there.

Interview by Kelly Johns

Listen to Saint PHNX  new single ‘King’ below