The dream pop group Yumi Zouma drops ‘Keep It Close To Me’ – an electro-tainted track that previews band’s long-awaited debut album ‘Yoncalla’.

After two consecutive EPs, that included hazy ‘The Brae’ or nostalgic ‘A Long Walk Home for Parted Lovers’, the international music collective brings French, Australian and American influences together onto a fully-fledged record. The self-made album is result of collaboration – this time, the 4-piece gathered together for sessions where raw ideas flourished. The new single has certain poignancy about it, as keys, percussion, vocals and eventually, lyrics, perfectly fuse into a track that stays in mind and acts like an impulse to get into a car for a long night-drive through the city.

Yumi Zouma will perform at London’s Moth Club on June, 21. ‘Yoncalla’ comes out on May, 27 via Cascine. Listen below.