For the debut release of her upcoming album City, Law Holt a.k.a. Lauren Holt just unveiled her latest single and video for Spit. The explosive track reveals her distinct, wonky tune and is accompanied by stabs of raw guitar sounds, while mixing up genres, time and different sounds.

Lauren started her singer career at the age of just 16. In 2013 she started developing her songwriting skills which led her to produce her first track Hustle, co-written by Young Father’s production team in Leith, Edinburgh. But things turned out different than she expected. She experienced a life-changing attack by a crazy women who punched her head when she was just on her way back home. After multiple operations and a rough time, Lauren got back on track with more strength and force than before. Right now she discovers the depths of loneliness, darkness and romance with her new uncompromising vocal style.

Listen to Spit here and watch the video below.