Mind Against is a name that seems to be cropping up more and more these days – and with good reason. Conceived by brother duo Alessandro and Federico Fognini, Mind Against is the musical project that births brooding techno that, through all of the minimalism, still has the power to move you to a darker place.

Their latest EP, Solaris, comes in collaboration with “visually impaired music creator”, Aether. The release came at the end of last week on the Afterlife label, headed by their fellow Italian-born, Berlin-based compatriots Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri of Tale of Us. The title track, ‘Solaris’, opens with deep, growling notes, before chaotic synth melodies take the helm. ‘Eclipse’ is equally minimalistic, playing with a scurrying melody that zig-zags between a charging beat, before culminating in a vibrant assembly of layers towards the end of the track. The EP’s final song, ‘Event Horizon’, gives the limelight to the beat from the outset, luring the listener in for a good 90 seconds before introducing any hint of a melody. Mid-way through the song, the duo pulls the carpet from under your feet by throwing you into a synth-heavy peak before fading out with a stark beat.

Solaris is exemplary of the duo’s ability to discover new depths in a short space of time. For Mind Against, it’s a case of quality not quantity.

Find tickets for Mind Against here. Download Solaris EP here, out now on Afterlife.