It’s been a long wait for A.CHAL followers. After releasing his last EP Ballroom Riots two years ago, fans of the Peruvian born, LA based singer and producer – real name Alejandro Chal – have been lingering in anticipation. Their patience has been rewarded, as his new release GAZI is exactly what the music scene needs right now.

With an emotive piano introduction punctuated by sparse, echoed vocals, he adds drama in the form of an addictive drumbeat and smooth bass. The overall effect? A deep, sultry sound, the perfect accompaniment to a cool LA night. The visuals are equally compelling: dark colours throughout with bursts of fluorescence here and there, representing the search for spiritual wealth in the dark reality of life.

Clearly we’re not alone in appreciating A.CHAL. Having taken to the stage at Interview Magazine’s Coachella party this year and with GAZI already reaching 115,000 hits on SoundCloud, he’s a proven talent. We spoke with him to uncover some of the mystery that is A.CHAL.

A.CHAL Interview A.CHAL Interview A.CHAL Interview

Photography by Alexander Black


What led you to a career in music?

Love, passion, and money.

You seem to merge different styles into your music. How would you describe your sound?

As the A.CHAL sound.

Who would you say is your main influence?

Outside of my dad? Prince.

Tell us about the music scene in LA?

LA is where everyone who is anyone in the music entertainment industry goes through. It’s very competitive and inspiring at the same time. The pressure of being the best creates for a unique environment. The city itself makes for a great muse.

What was it like performing at Interview Magazine’s Coachella party?

I messed up a lot but the energy was great, and we had a lot of fun.

What would you say is the purpose behind your music?

To communicate things in a way they haven’t been communicated before. To push culture. To heal people.

A.CHAL Interview

What does GAZI represent?

Me and you and the world we created to escape this one.

How much do you get involved with the creative process/art direction?

I guess you could say I do all my creative direction 100%. There’s really no process in coming up with the aesthetic, because it’s purely based on how I’m feeling at that moment.

What are you interests outside of music?

Astrology, art, neuroscience, shamanism, and anything that raises the bigger questions in life.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?
Hopefully I’ll be cleansing myself in the Amazon from everything I’ve indulged in this year.

Watch GAZI below. Follow A.CHAL on SoundCloud and Twitter.