Croydon born musician Raye will soon release, arguably, her most impressive EP yet. At the age of just 18, this South London girl has already collaborated with popular artists such as Stormzy, who she connected with after he followed her on Twitter. Since dropping her debut song Bet You Wish in 2014, she collaborated with the British rapper to produce her latest single Ambition.

It seemed she had discovered her very own sound with her track Distraction, as well as having subtle influences from R&B legends Drake and Tame Impala, and recently stated for Wonderland Magazine, “We’ve got to a point now where it’s musically complicated and the way ‘Distraction’ sounds is quite fresh sounding. I wanted to have my own sound. For me it’s really honest and empowering and big and fierce. I really like it.”

Being raised by a very musical family, Raye learnt to play the piano at a very young age and trained her voice at church. When she was 10 years old, she decided she wanted to go to renowned performing arts and technology school BRIT, to become a musician. After studying there for 2 years, she immediately got a start on her career, with her style now evolved and her first album to follow next year.

Listen to one of her latest songs, Distraction below.