British electro-funk band Metronomy unveiled their video for ‘Night Owl’, capturing the Californian desert’s beauty through a psychedelic road trip atmosphere. The surreal video was directed by none other than filmmaker and musician Quentin Duplex, a.k.a. Mr. Oizo, combining the imagination of death and arguments with moving brains in the most ironic way possible. After their last album ‘Love Letters’ from 2014, the band decided to take a two year break. With a master comeback, ’Night Owl’ is the second single released for their new album ‘Summer 08’, which is set to give their audience a collection of musical memories. A pulsing bass and the video’s nostalgia are accompanied by the singer, songwriter, and band’s mastermind Joseph Mount’s high silvery voice.

Check out the brand new video for ‘Night Owl’ below.