Alexa Chung might best be known as an international fashion icon, but rewind to 2004 and you’d find a small-time model making a cameo in the video for The Streets classic ‘Could Well Be In’. Chung starred alongside The Streets’ Mike Skinner in the film clip, but it wasn’t to be the last time they’d work together. The pair recently reunited for ‘In My Head – The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light’, a song written and performed by Skinner to celebrate Chung’s new clothing label that has just launched with

‘The Darker The Shadow’ follows a similar chord pattern to ‘Could Well Be In’, a subtle nod to the past, yet that isn’t the only throwback to 2004. The video – also directed by Skinner – follows Chung around Ireland’s Lismore Castle clad her new collection, before going out to a club later on. It is here that the pair “recognises” one another, reuniting for a night of fun.

It was a natural partnership that Chung was more than happy to revisit for a second time. “[Mike] wanted to explore that sort of Lost In Translation connection moment that happens between strangers sometimes where you have this great experience because of happenstance and it’s wonderful and special but sort of isolated and disconnected from your life path. I think he’s so good at observing human behaviour and unveiling the truth and that talent comes through in both his music and in this video he has made.”

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