Some musicals really have it good: Amazing musical talent, fame and fortune, the chance to tour the world, and a hilarious sense of humour on Twitter. For the rest of us, we have to use other ways to gain followers on Twitter, as unfortunately there’s no quick fix to becoming a famous musician with a razor-sharp online wit. Think you’re funny on Twitter? Maybe you are, but you’ll have to bring your best if you want to get anywhere close to these accounts…

James Blunt (1.2 million followers)
Say what you want about his music but James Blunt kills it on Twitter. Self-deprecating, sarcastic, and possessing one of the driest humours around, if you tweet an insult at James, be prepared to get scorned by his burning retort. What makes James so hilarious is simply his full awareness of himself: His high voice, slow music… he makes fun of it as much as the public can. Here are some of his gems.

Mark Hoppus (2.8 million followers)
Whilst former bandmate Tom DeLonge is currently in the news for his leaked email with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials, things are much calmer with Blink-182 member Mark Hoppus. Coming back into the public awareness with a bang with Blink’s new album California in July 2016 (their first after a five-year break), you should also be fully aware that Mark has been working tirelessly on his great tweets for many years. A veteran of the pop punk scene, Mark is slowly becoming one of the most comical musicians on Twitter with his simple but effective musings and perceptions of the modern world (and a few about his band too). See if these make you laugh.

St. Vincent (671k followers)
St. Vincent’s dreamy pop has earned her many a fan across the globe. With an eccentricity on par with perhaps Lady Gaga or AlunaGeorge, St. Vincent (Annie Clark) undoubtedly still has a style and musical ability totally unique to her own. Oh, and she’s a superstar on Twitter too. Whilst not tweets to have you rolling in the aisles with laughter, but St. Vincent posts regular, amusing observations and happenings from her life – tweets that will just make you smile. And what more could you want to start the day? Check out some of these.