Gorillaz are back, and they’re making sure everybody knows it. The virtual band have already released a handful of songs taken from Humanz, their first album in 6 years which comes out on April 28th. The band kicked off proceedings with Saturnz Barz, Andromeda, Ascension, and We Got The Power, staying true to Gorillaz’s trademark twisted style, and have reinforced the buzz by releasing a remix of each track last week. Saturnz Barz even came complete with its own 360 video, bridging the gap between animation and reality and giving fans the chance to create a unique viewing experience.

Yet the virtual band is taking interactivity one step further. Gorillaz recently announced a Spirit House tour, a pop-up immersive experience where people can visit a real-life version of the Spirit House featured in the Saturn Dayz video in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brooklyn during April and May. That’s not all: for those who can’t make it in person to get a hands-on experience in one of the three cities, they can download the new ‘mixed reality’ Gorillaz App, which blends reality with AR, VR and 360 viewing. Using the app, fans will be able to join the band for a ‘Humanz House Party’ in the Gorillaz House. It will be the largest geo-specific listening experience to date, covering over 500 locations across the globe.

Download the app for Apple and Android. Watch the trailer below.