When faced with the constant influx of releases from all angles, we’re lucky in having an abundance of music for every mood and every taste – yet it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve picked through the masses and honed down a selection of singles, EPs and LPs that might have passed you by in October. From fiery rap to warm electronica by way of chilled soul, we’ve got something for everyone.

Cashmere – Swet Shop Boys

With a name like theirs, you know Swet Shop Boys are going to have something worthwhile to say. Hailing from both sides of the Atlantic, Heems (Himanshu Suri) and Riz MC (Riz Ahmed) from Queens and North London respectively, have already made their names as actors, activists and artists. Completing the trio is fellow UK artist Redinho, who provides production for the themes of racial prejudice explored by Heems and Riz. ‘T5’ marks a bold introduction to the album and the Swet Shop Boys, which takes a no-holds-barred approach to exposing the issue of racial discrimination in airports. With a particular knack for a gripping honesty and play on words (see: ‘Half Moghul, Half Mowgli’), this is one you’ll listen to over and over again and discover a new nugget of lyrical genius each time. Trust us.

Download Cashmere here, out now on Custom.

Still Point – B.Traits

B.Traits has made her name as one of BBC Radio 1’s best known DJs, and has incidentally become something of a spokeswoman on issues relating to the music industry, from gender diversity to drug problems. Now, the Canadian artist is flexing her producing muscles after four years with her new EP, Still Point, the first release to come off her brand new label In.Toto. The title track, ‘Still Point’, is led with jittering piano chords and deep, heady synth. Meanwhile ‘North Shore’ is gentle yet euphoric, and undeniably ethereal – a fitting counterpart to the darkness of ‘Still Point’. A strong debut for the record label, Still Point has got our ears pricked up in anticipation of what’s to come from In.Toto.

Download Still Point EP here, out now on In.Toto.

Slice of Paradise – Cool Company

Cool Company are responsible for some of the most accomplished music out there at the moment. Though they’re still relatively under-the-radar at the moment, their diverse, addictive output will no doubt see them go far. Following the release of beautifully sunny track ‘Slice of Paradise’ in August, the New York two-piece have just dropped their debut album, Slice of Paradise, a huge project spread over 17 tracks of delectable soul and R&B.

Standouts include ‘Fader’, which features a gorgeous combination of Yan’s smooth voice and sliding bass and piano melodies, sitting it somewhere on the same spectrum as Anderson .Paak. Meanwhile ‘Shame’ and ‘Tuck You In’ put twists on old-school R&B, and ‘Stare and Smile’ runs in a different direction again with its plucky guitar riffs, growling piano, brass accompaniments and choral vocals. An LP of this scale is no mean feat, not to mention when dealing with a multitude of different genres, yet Cool Company have risen to – and surpassed – the challenge with ease.

Download Slice of Paradise here, out now.

Girl Powder – Eats Everything

Eats Everything is one of Bristol’s finest exports, known for his electrifying DJ sets and energetic productions. As his own label, Edible, approaches its first anniversary, the artist has dropped his second release of the year, following the success of two-track ensemble, The Duster. The new EP, Girl Powder, shows Eats Everything at his finest: the sparky melodies of ‘Rita’s E’ meet their match in the chugging beat and twisted stylings that pepper ‘Veronica’s Electronica’, making this a solid two track EP that will have heads bopping in no time at all.

Download Girl Powder EP hereout now on Edible.

‘Cloddio Unterdach’ R. Seiliog

Crossing the border from Bristol to Wales, R. Seiliog channels a more low-key vibe. The Welsh producer plays with trickling chord patterns, faraway and skewed in their layered, synth-heavy complexity, grounded only by the cutting beat that scurries beneath. If Eats Everything is what gets you through the night, then R. Seiliog’s ‘Cloddio Unterdach’ is the perfect soundtrack to the chill out phase as the sun comes up.

Download ‘Cloddio Unterdach’ here, out now on Turnstile. 

Von Sell – Von Sell

Building from the vintage effects that characterise Von Sell’s sound, his self titled debut EP induces a nostalgia for the music of the past while simultaneously thrusting it into the future with his clever twists. The seven-track release captures his trademark rich sound, which is shaped by a powerful synth-bass combination and Von Sell’s unique vocals. The EP includes standout singles ‘Ivan’ and Stay’, which marked his entry to the scene, as well as exciting new additions in the form of ‘Miss Me’ and stirring opening track ‘Energystabs’. If you’re looking for some feel good music, look no further than Von Sell.

Download Von Sell EP here, out now.