A fable is a short story that often conveys a moral dilemma and ultimately separates right from wrong. You probably learned about them in primary school, and they would fill your head with images of rabbits, foxes or lions whenever a problematic moral decision confronted you. Whatever that may have been at that age. And it is the various emotions associated with morality and a fable’s connotations of fantasy that 20 year old talent, Fable, transfers into her music.

Originally from Devon, she now resides in Brighton. She may have only exited her teenage years, but Fable’s sound has reached full maturity. Her music could be labelled “twisted electronica” or “alternative”, but it is the power of her sound, from the production to her voice, that really defines it.

After a stint on tour, Fable returns with new single I Am You. A track that…

“…captures the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realise that you are ‘the other’, an outsider looking in at the cultural machine that has been built around all of us. However, the cruel irony is that in spite of existing outside the bubble of mass manufactured media, your very existence is still an expression of it – a contradiction of alienation and connection.”

I Am You is a complex story, and one that anyone who listens to the song can engage with. It shines a light on the societal predicament we so often find ourselves, and lets us know that we are not alone. Co-written and produced by Paul Steel, who has previously worked with The Xcerts and Mika, I Am You is the first track from Fable’s debut album, Sacrilege, due out in early 2016.

Listen to her EP, Parasite, here.