Flyte is the kind of band that makes music to get stuck in your head. Sounding of 80s pop anthems, they are modernsing indie with spontaneity, getting carried away with the sound that comes along.  Hanging around concrete Barbican neighborhoods, their new clip is a simple shot set of band playing the just-released single ‘Light Me Up’ – a light-sounding, addictive-tuned track on the need of love. We catch up with the band to explore their music universe.

Who are the guys from Flyte and how did you come together?

We are Will, Nick, Sam and Jon. We live in London. We met at primary school. Apart from Sam who we came across last year, singing down in the underground. It was when he joined that Flyte was truly formed.

You sound a little bit 80s retro, still fun and indie. How would you describe your sound?

Sonically speaking, we do take certain cues from late 70s/early 80s post punk, it’s true. Really though, we are most concerned with the songwriting- as long the core of the song is great, we’re happy to let the style of the music go wherever it wants to go (much to the fatigue of our record label!)

What’s on your mind when making music?

Girls and having no money.

What does your creative process looks like? Do you separate yourselves for months in some lonesome place or you go out to get inspired?

We have been known to stash ourselves away in some small Welsh hamlet from time to time! The first place we went to there were mushrooms growing on the hillside of a castle. We ate them and had a curious time in the castle before heading back to the house to write some of our best stuff- it was uncharacteristically prog rock of us.

How do you find life on tour?

We did manage to cover most of the ‘band on tour’ clichés. We will however remain discreet for the moment. Those massage chairs at service stations are a revelation by the way.

We like you’re sharing your visual inspiration via Tumblr or post  film recommendations on Facebook. Do you get a lot of inspiration from other art mediums?

Yeah, British cinema in particular has been a big influence. We’ll often write with a Mike Leigh or Ken Loach film playing in the background. When you live in city like London you can just set out with a notebook and walk along the river, maybe pop into the National Gallery or watch something at the BFI and that’s where a song ignites.

Can you tell us more about the works on the new LP and your just-dropped single?

The LP has been written but we’re holding it back till next year. ‘Light Me Up’ is about depression and needing someone or something to snap you out of it. It’s not always possible to cut through the fog of depression but never the less you’re always searching for some way out.

What is your dream collaboration?

Joni Mitchell.

Any latest music obsessions?

‘1 Thing’ by Amerie is a banger. Randy Newman, Kraftwerk. Always Paul Simon.

How do you see Flyte in the future?

We’re aiming for world domination.

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