2016 has been an intense year for the New York born-and-bred trio JIL, and it still is. With four songs released to date, a debut album on the way, and an epic music video coming out in September, these three kids from the city seem to be unstoppable. Focusing on instrumental melodies, their unique live performances have contributed to their growing buzz, and we are about to see a lot more over the summer. We caught up with JIL to find out more about their newly released track All Your Words what inspires them on a daily basis.

Who are the members of JIL? 
We’re three kids from the City.

You’re currently based in New York. Is that where your band came together too?
Yes, we’ve lived in NYC our whole lives. This is our city. This is our home.

Does the city and its unique atmosphere influence you in any way?
As anyone’s environment influences who they are and what they do-
this pretty crazy, over-stimulating, idealized melting pot has shaped us.
It is the mother of our music.

Tell us how and when you decided to start making music.
Individually, we’ve been playing with synths since before we could read.
Collectively, we came together two years ago over a bag of weed cookies and wrote three songs.

How would you describe your sound?
Psychedelic, electronic, soul. But actually we wouldn’t describe it, we like to think that’s on you.

Within your trio, who does what?
We all do everything. The producers write, the singers produce.

This is a very exciting year for you: first, you’ve released three tracks over the past couple of months, followed by Noisey’s premiere of All Your Words. Tell us more about these songs, how they differ.
All four of our songs were written from a perspective tangential to the world surrounding the narrator. A young perspective looking for meaning and ways of honestly communicating in a world full of noise that seems not to care.

You’ll also be releasing your debut Album this fall. What shall we expect from it?
A space odyssey. The album is a trip, an experience, a further exploration for us on where we can take our sound. It’s the live shows that you’ve got to look out for.

The cover of your album is set to be designed by Sam Rolfes and Jordan Hemingway. Why did you choose Rolfes & Hemingway for the job and what would you like the message conveyed by the cover to be?
Sam and Jordan are legends. We’ve been working towards some sort of digitized, space-age portrait of femininity.

You’re also working on a short film/music video which will come out later on in the fall too. Can you give us a little preview of what’s that going to be like?
Yeah – we’re really excited to debut the video coming out in September. It was directed by Finnish demi-god Anton Tammi and it’s been an amazing experience working with someone as passionate about his craft as we our about ours. We were blessed to have the story told by two beautiful beings, Sara Cummings and Zoe Bleu. We’ll leave you with this: ‘A lot can happen in the mind of a lonely girl…’ – AT.

Last but not least, you’ll be opening the Full Moon Music Festival at Governors Island in the end of August. Is this your first experience playing at a festival? What do you expect from it?
Opening Full Moon Festival is going to our first festival experience and we’re really hyped about it. Fern Souza mixes all of our records and he’ll be joining us onstage to help bring our soundscapes to life. He’s dope. We’ve put a lot of love into creating this set and as have only performed it in intimate spaces so far, we’re really ready to bring it to a larger audience.

2016 definitely represents an important year for your career, even though you are definitely involved in the New York scene as you’ve played in the past with artists for the likes of Dev Hynes, Onyx Collective, and Ratking. What is the project/song/collaboration you’ve worked on so far that’s given you the greatest satisfaction?
We’re fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most talented people in the city. It’s been enlightening making records with our brother Salomon Faye. Our longtime friend and collaborator Adam O’Farrill blessed several tracks on the record too. Some of our first ever shows were in collaboration with The Onyx Collective, we look forward to doing more with them.

What was your biggest goal when you started to make music and what is it right now?
When we started, the name of the project was Moods and we wanted to create a record that was a trip through what we were feeling at the time. Every day, it became less and less about us and more about the people around us. Now we make music in hopes of speaking honestly to an audience that is as hungry for truths as we are.

How would you like 2017 to be for JIL?
We’d like to release this record in late 2016 and tour the world. We’ve got a lot for you guys.


Listen to All Your Words here: