LASS puts glitter on her face, waves her hair and performs songs that sound crystal pure. Her music is a love manifesto reaching to the universe of synth-pop, where omnichord and computer game chimes fuse. As we catch up with LASS to explore her creative landscape, she emerges as a self-producer, a mermaid, a visionary. She is new noise we want to be distracted by.

Who is LASS, what is she thinking?

LASS is a one-man music group, she is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who records her own music and performs alone. She has blue hair, looks like a mermaid and can make music even on the iPhone. She is a girl expressing her feelings via music and videos.

How would you describe your sound?

I try not to classify my music, but I really like the term ‘synth-pop color feria’. I make music that comes naturally into my mind , that’s what I do best. I like to emit strange sounds, so-called ‘monkeys’ are my trademark. I also like to combine spatial vocals with strange, mass voices. I feel flair for fisharmony, omnichord, computer games sounds, arpeggiator, synthesizers, harps, re-stirred electric guitars, double bass and trumpets.

What’s on your mind when making music? 

I create best music under a strong incentive. Negative emotions like anger and sadness are good for me. Then, the most truthful sound is created. When working on a song, I try to think of it only. If I am distracted and my thoughts float far away, I can’t write or record, because I know nothing will come out of it.

What does your creative process look like?  

I am in my apartment and I simply do it. I record in my mini-studio, which feels very comfortable. If I can feel the aura, it goes very quick. The most difficult and least favorite stage is production processing. I’m pretty demanding and if I can’t do the song as I want it, I fight until the end.

While working, I like to have a peaceful mind. The ideas come as quickly to my head, as they disappear. I need to record at once, when fresh ideas pop up. They are most productive. Then, I like to go out to reset my mind.

Do you put a lot of emotional load into your music? 

I’m the romantic type. In my music and texts, you can find lots of emotions which are real. I think the emotional charge is necessary, there is no music without it.  Trying to do music on demand is useless.

Could you tell us more about Warsaw and New York?

Both cities are very inspiring and hugely influence my work. But I run two different lives. While in Warsaw, I have time to work. I make music almost every day. When in New York, I am more socially engaged, I focus on other art projects, so making music turns out much more time-consuming there. During five months in NYC, I recorded only one song, which was ‘Wonderland’. During same period of time in Poland, I would have finished the whole album.

In New York,  I also play more concerts. I feel the city is friendly with my music. It’s easier to meet fascinating people, real art freaks. Living in NYC isn’t easy, but I do love this city and I feel that this love comes back to me.

Are you working on a full album? 

I am working on my own, without any label, so for now, only two songs from the new material came out. I really want to share the rest of it, but when exactly will that be, I don’t know. The new song to be released is  ‘Wonderland’ and the music video, under direction of Anne Bloda, is all done. I will also have great Jorge Wright making guest appearance in the video as well. I can’t wait!

How would you define Polish music scene now?

Polish music scene has changed in the last few years. Out of a sudden,  a lot of good bands altered its music climate. The artists I like most are Kari Amirian, Katarzyna Nosowska, Sorry Boys, Bokka, Iza Lach, Artur Rojek, Fair Weather Friends… just to name the few. I feel Polish music scene is not an easy place to be. But I take the challenge.

What the future holds for LASS?

I try not to look too far into the future. Everything is changing so quickly, I feel every day my life can change. For sure, I would like to become a recognized musician, a happy human being. I imagine myself as a laid-back grandma, feeling pleased with herself, without any regrets, certain she achieved everything she wanted in life.

Any latest music obsessions? 

My obsessions change every minute. There is so much good music at the moment, it seems hard to keep up! I have a flair for electro and synth-pop performed with a symphony orchestra. This is my dream!

Who is your personal Idol?

I do not have an Idol. There are people who inspire me, whom I faithfully love and admire for what they do. Thom Yorke with his musicians or David Bowie – they are consistently doing what they truly feel and never cease to astonish.

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