Machine est mon Coeur are a musical project, more so than a music duo. The couple, Gabin Lopez (piano and synths) and Bianca Calandra (guitar and vocals), merge fantasy, dreams, darkness, poetry, science-fiction and gothic influences into one creative offering. In February, they released their debut album, Dystopium, and invited listeners into their strange and unique world.


Machine est mon Coeur formed through fortuitous meetings. The pair met at artist-run ‘Space 3’ in Sydney, Australia, which is not redundant. Gabin’s VISA expired and he moved back to France. Bianca left her home-town Sydney, and relocated to Berlin, in pursuit of art and music. It was here the two met again, and Machine est mon Coeur was formed. Today, the band is based in France.

Being from two different countries, and having experiences different cultures, the duo source inspiration from all-over, from science fiction films to German expressionist and surrealist films. There is something strangely romantic about the band’s identity and the creation of Dystopian is evidence of that.


The name of the album is a fusion of ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Opium’. For Machine est mon Coeur, the name represents the dreamy and hypnotic nature of the tracks within. It was recorded in an old house in the French countryside; it was here the band wrote, recorded and produced every track on their own. After the foundations were laid, the album was taken to Berlin, where it was mixed by Tobias Vethake. Track, Sweet Memories, also borrowed the talents of Simeon Portway on drums.

The sound itself is a collage of pop-like chord progressions, fizzy synths, moody guitar riffs and otherworldly vocals. Machine est mon Coeur’s vision transfers into the arts through photos, film, merch and live visuals. Welcome to the universe of Mon est mon Coeur.

Listen to Machine est mon Coeur below: