The long weekend may be over but Cruels is keeping spirits up with his latest release, ‘Milk & Honey’. Real name Giovanni Giusti, the beat maker has already pumped out 3 full length albums as part of electronic duo The Limousines, yet now he’s branching out on his own and has tapped into a vibrant sound on a solo level.

‘Milk & Honey’ still comes during the early stages of his solo career, but it shows that the San Francisco producer is onto something. The opening is ecstatic in its sporadic melodies, before a dance beat and PrXmise’s vocals welcome you into a deeper, uniform sound which refrains from becoming too intense.

Distinguishable yet universal enough to slot into plenty of house playlists, Cruels has latched onto a handy formula. ‘Milk & Honey’ serves as the meeting place for house and R&B, resulting in a sweet blend worthy of its name – we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Download ‘Milk & Honey’ here.