Dublin-born Sample Answer, also known as Maurice O’Connor, began his career as a musician in 2013 and since then, has been sticking to a hypnotic folk rock sound, with a gentle twist. Since releasing his debut indie-rock EP ‘Good Boy’, followed by ‘Textile Baby’ in 2015, his brand new single Collision has just dropped, revealing dreamy tunes mixed with an urban flair. In collaboration with London-based producers Iesty Polson and Hugh Fothergill, he is now working on his forthcoming EP, also entitled ‘Collision’.

We talked to O’Connor in an exclusive interview to discover more about his latest track.

How would you describe the sound of ‘Collision’?

It sounds a bit like a dream…a lucid dream perhaps.

What is the main message you want to spread with the song and video?

I want the video to be like a movie, with a character. All the videos have a different me in them, a different mood. I want every song & video to be extremely honest, more then just the plain picture.

Tell us about your inspirations and influences when it comes to song writing.

I think people inspire me a lot. People, places and life, really. As for writing, I love the greats: [Bob] Dylan, Oscar Wilde, Johnny Noface…you know, the greats.

What can you reveal about your upcoming EP, and when will it be released?

It’s a mystery…I may use an older character from a previous EP with a new sound. Or maybe something completely new & different…depends what’s happening at the time.

Tell us about your work for the new EP with producers Iestyn Polson and Hugh Fothergill.

I love both of them like brothers. I also recorded with Ant Whitling (who did MIA) & his wife Emily. I love them both too. They have amazing energy. I felt honest & free when I was with them all.

Which shows have you planned so far to perform the new EP?

I’m doing a bunch in London, a North, South, East, West London thing. The EP Launch is at Lock Tavern in April. I’m also doing some home shows in May. It’s gonna be great, I’ve sorted out my loop station proper. It feels like an extension of me now.

Where do you see yourself and your music by the end of this year?

I see myself playing for more people & having more people listen. Which is what I want. I see everything just getting better really. Because that’s what I believe life does, it only gets better and better and better. Just don’t be an asshole and you’re ok.

Check out more of Sample Answer’s atmospheric tracks here and watch his brand new video for ‘Collision‘ below.