This week our ears have been taken away from the English capital, to the sand beaches of Brighton. And why? Rising from the coastal town are band True Noir, who today unveiled their debut single Creation.

Headed by Megan Rees, the band make a confident yet enigmatic first step onto the music scene. Sure, the band haven’t got a lengthy history behind them, but with a strong first sound, they don’t need one. Hit the play button, and a few minutes in, you are enveloped in the world of True Noir.

Pop is the band’s music foundation. But True Noir take it apart, and add dark nuances, soaring vocals and eerie production. There is a theatre and romance in their sound, which stands at the band’s core and translates through every vein. Taking inspiration from the atmosphere and look of the film noir genre, the band carve their own path and sound.

Take a listen to the track, Creation, below. We dare you not to love it.