After attempts to save the hallmark of London’s nightlife scene, fabric, were shunned last night, today seems like a dark day for electronic music. Swathes of artists, fans, organisers and those charming Polish elderly ravers were among the many who voiced their support to prevent the closure of the Farringdon nightclub, but it seems all of this – not to mention the petition that garnered nearly 150,000 signatures – still wasn’t enough.

A decision as monumental as this is no doubt a harsh blow to UK culture, and to electronic music as a whole. Yet it’s in times like this that we need reminding of why this is an industry, a culture, a community worth celebrating and fighting for – making today a fitting moment for electronic maestro Nicolas Jaar to gift us with new music.

The Chilean-American producer, DJ and composer blew away the industry ever since he landed in 2009, his trippy, off-kilter brand of electronic music striking a stunning balance between smooth and bizarre, old and new. His music has been infectious from the beginning, with his 2010 series of EPs – from Time For Us to Marks / Angles – marking the entry of a serious contender in electronic music, before progressing to his ambitious first full length LP Space Is Only Noise in 2011 and returning in 2015 with Pomegranates.

A figure bathed in mystery, Nicolas Jaar has got electronic music fans following his every move, so tongues were inevitably wagging when he tweeted a series of cryptic images at the end of August, followed by a link to new interactive website, where entering certain numbers will play different tracks to listeners. His own advice is as follows: “We will now concentrate on a much smaller batch of yearly releases starting in 2017. Until then, the site will mutate into (Chrome preferred). I will let you guys discover what this is on your own but all I’ll say is that channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, 33 would be good places to start.. And channel 333 will be a good place to end.”

Today (Wednesday 7th September) has incidentally seen the arrival of a new monster set from Jaar  currently playing on NTS, following a tweet showing his regret for the fate of fabric. Beginning at 3:33pm BST today until 3:33am the following morning, the 6-hour pre-recorded set will be looped twice, the oddly specific times mirroring the pattern of the number 3 that seems to be cropping up everywhere. We suggest you kick back, listen in, and allow Nicolas Jaar to lead you towards the light after a sad turn of events for the electronic music industry.

Listen to The Network on NTS here.