Some of sport’s greatest moments are the result of a comeback, and apparently one of music’s freshest drops is, too. Enter Jon Weinman. Hailing from Brooklyn, the singer-songwriter and producer is working on his solo project under the pseudonym Alge, and judging by his latest single ‘The Comeback’, he’s onto a winner.

‘The Comeback’ is the second tease from his upcoming EP, The Bluebird Triptych, the first song, ‘Devoted’, providing an exciting first glimpse into the threefold EP. Yet where ‘Devoted’ hums of a steamy club, ‘The Comeback’ takes on an almost beachy vibe, the ideal accompaniment for a coastal drive – perhaps a pointer to Alge’s time spent in LA last year, before returning to his native New York. With a guitar backing almost as gentle as Alge’s voice, ‘The Comeback’ is a perfectly chilled number built around his desire to keep hold of a girl. “Everybody loves a comeback”, he purrs in your ear over a delicate R&B backdrop, the relaxed vibe pouring out from his lyrics as much as the collapsing background melody.

Any stateside fans who find themselves on the east coast will be pleased to hear that Alge will launching the EP with a show at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn on June 17th, before taking to the stage at the Mercury Lounge on July 6th. Now we’ve had a taste for Alge, we’ll certainly be coming back for more – check out ‘The Comeback’ below, premiering exclusively with IDOL.

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