A sense of ultimate nostalgia and hopelessness shines through the sound of Niv Ast. The Tel Aviv artist drops a single ’Before I Let You Go’ – a taster of his upcoming EP Fearless Love Stories.

’I feel that ’Fearless Love Stories’ EP deals with my daily encounters of breaking up-every thing is fatal, everything is about to end, one most find the happiness of going away.’ Ast’s first fully-fledged release is a follow-up to his three LPs – Like Sheep, We Run From Ourselves, Goodbye and Defeats. The track’s relaxed tempo, deep bass lines and minimal vocals encourage meditation, softly floating between the electronic and indie. Accompanied wtih striking visuals of wilderness put slow motion, the single is an audio therapy.

Watch ’Before I Let You Go’ below. Follow Niv Ast on SoundCloud here.