It’s that time of year when everybody is looking for a fun, upbeat track to lead them through summer, and we think we’ve got the answer. London singer LOOP released ‘Looking At You’ only a month ago, and already it’s been treated to a different slant thanks to French producer Draper.

The song finds its roots in the emotional confusion that LOOP felt when she fell in love for the first time, using music to harness her fear. The original features more pop elements – from the percussion choices to the echoing vocals – while the Draper version nudges ‘Looking At You’ in a more dance-focused direction. Premiering with IDOL, the remix plays with LOOP’s vocals, all while channelling a late night vibe with its leg-tapping rhythms and heavier concentration on the electronic side of things. Her voice is accompanied by twitching melodies and catchy hooks scattered in between, all put to a quicker beat than the original for something a little punchier.

If you’re looking for a catchy summer tune, then this is it.

Listen to Draper’s remix of ‘Looking At You’ by LOOP below.