Jay Stones, an artist of music. Born in South Memphis, he now lives in Chicago, where he spends his days nurturing and developing his sound. Surrounding by “so much adventure”, Chicago not only provides a home, but is the perfect landscape for him to grow and express himself. Jay is fresh blood on the music scene, bringing a soft sound to your ears. His tracks are packed with soul and stories, offering a tranquil respite, away from the rush and cloudiness of everyday life. In 2014, Jay released his debut EP Taboo Temple, and now he is back with new track Numerology, and new video to Searching, premiered below. Taking his sound to “greater levels”, Jay is no doubt one to keep tabs on this year.

Sit back, plug-in and press play. Suddenly you are transported to a dreamlike land, hazy fog lingers above and a glistening waterfall trickles in front of you. Or as 20 year old musician, Jay Stones, puts it himself, “I imagine my music being played as you open the door to your dreams. Like imagine all you’ve wished for, but only being able to obtain it in your dreams. This is where ‘Searching’ comes into place”.  And for his new video, Searching, these dreams become reality in an array street-light blurs and fuzzy water scenes. Jay takes you on a journey with intimate moments captured through a candid hand-held-effect and blinking shots. He explores the troubles and struggles of “the endless search for what we treasure the most, but can never find – time”. Practicing what he preaches, Jay strings together the video with as much care and consideration of time as the story he is telling, “making this video was strenuous, because I wanted it to capture the song in a real way. So me and my director shot it a couple times at different locations. Timing was everything in making this”. 

Jay Stones approaches this video in the same way he approaches his music, by filling the gap and providing listeners with something more than energy-bulging tracks or over complicated arrangements. He offers sounds which are pure and smooth, but with enough soul they still retain the subtle fizz of jazz and R&B. Keen to know how he shaped this unique sound, Jay speaks humbly about his journey: “I don’t think I intended it initially, more so that there was a space for me. Like a void waiting for someone to fill it, it could have been anyone, but it chose me. I felt comfortable”.  But where did it all start for the artist? At 7, Jay realised his dreams to create music and at 9 years old “[he] began making actual songs, but never put any of them out”. Growing up, his parents exposed him to “a whole new world of art” in the form of Miles Davis. From then he has gathered influences such as Nujabes, Andre 3000, Thom Yorke, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and RZA. But now, emerging from the troublesome of his teen years, he brings forth a confident and well-rounded selection of tracks. “I guess you can say that I have just been mastering my craft over the years”, and master he has, as you can hear in his newest track Numerology.

Boasting his signature soul, mellow melodies and careful carved arrangements, the track tells the story of numbers and “how powerful [they] are.” Speaking about the track, Jay Stones says “even if numbers didn’t exist, days would still pass us. That’s why to begin, I start by singing “how can one live, seeing dreams roll by.” Each day that rolls by is a number, and they all add up sooner or later”. It seems Jay is one to make the most out of every day, but what are his plans to ensure they don’t just pass him by? Well, he has a new project on his hands, which Numerology is part of, called Desolate&Blue. Lets hope it isn’t long to wait before the new tickling tunes of Jay Stones reach our ears….

Listen to Numerology below: