London is an undisputed hub of creativity. Look around and you’ll notice that the streets themselves speak to your imagination, supported by a backbone of young talent.

It’s this vibrant network of people that London Chronicles: Under the Radar celebrates. The film, directed by Sonni Rossi and scored by rising producer and DJ Otik, follows what the city is best known for: its creatives. Freerunners, DJs, designers, skaters, models, musicians and MCs are all captured doing what they love throughout the pockets of the city, giving a snapshot of the hidden talent London needs to thrive.

While Otik’s work is often geared towards the club circuit, his deep, dark music perfectly reflects the combination of excitement and chaos perpetuated by city life – something creatives in London grapple with every day. The Bristol-born artist knows all too well what it’s like to be an up-and-comer in London, having moved to the capital over four years ago.

Variety was key to the 17-track OST, Otik – real name Ashley Thomas – points out: “I wanted every person’s craft to seem equally important by portraying a rainbow of different sounds and genres, which in a sense emulate the many talents, cultures and forms of art that we chose to display throughout the project.” The resulting music is the ultimate ode to London’s ever-inspired creative scene that keeps the city’s spark alive.

Preview the original OST below, available for free download via Push & Run on April 27th.