It’s easy for some to brandish electronic music as repetitive, simplistic, sometimes even lazy. But all it takes is an artist like Somne to highlight that it can be a medium built around intricacy and fine-tuning. At once considered, experimental and moody, Metropolis is a testament to the scope of Federico Maccherone’s project, Somne. The EP is a diverse fusion of moods and sounds, Somne placing dark breakbeats alongside fierce club cuts, demonstrating the Italian producer’s range.

While the original mix of ‘Metropolis’ draws the focus to melodies and sporadic beats, the alternative take on the B-side leads with a thumping kick drum that cuts through the track’s murky tones.

‘Metropolis (Alternate Mix)’ is a sublime standalone track – a gem nestled within the wider Metropolis EP, together exemplifying Somne’s expansive sonic vision.

Pre-order Metropolis EP here, out on 6th October on Just This.