Long-distance isn’t always a disaster: just look at Lady HD. With Ciaran Wall in charge of lead vocals and guitar, and Dusty Moon on drums and production duty, the indie two-piece is showing the world that no amount of miles will get in the way of true musical chemistry. Based in Philadelphia and Los Angeles respectively, the two musicians have managed to unite if not geographically then sonically, producing a warm, retro dynamic through their latest single ‘Relax’, premiering exclusively with IDOL.

The single follows their funk-tinged self titled EP which came out this June. The release scored them the interest they wholly deserve for having created such an accomplished sound only two years into their partnership. Lady HD might be faintly reminiscent of The Black Keys in places, and have garnered the odd comparison to Unknown Mortal Orchestra – both complimentary references, let’s be clear – yet their music has a charm that is distinctly their own. The duo have somehow managed to defy logistics and craft a left field indie-funk tune that sits easily on the ears. So easy, in fact, that we’ve got it on repeat.

Listen to ‘Relax’ below. Download Lady HD EP here. Feature image by Andy Belcher.